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Royale Fitshape is a combination of powerful, active ingredients that helps burn fats and manage weight loss the healthy way.

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In a fast-paced environment, many people are having a hard time in keeping a fitter and healthier body. Work, busy schedule and unbalanced lifestyle are just few of the reasons why we cannot watch our diet and give time for regular exercise. While all these things are understandable because of the demand of 21st century, compromising your health is a no-no regardless of how busy you are. What should you do then?

Fitshape is a supplement that aims to help its users to be fitter, healthier and more energized. It is ideal for individuals who need to balance their diets and those who need to lose and gain weight. As for obese people, they will be more encouraged to lose pounds as they start taking this vitamin. For those who need to extra weight, they will become watchful on eating healthy foods and getting rid of processed foods.

But aside from this, Fitshape is also helpful in preventing the development of chronic diseases, bacteria and viruses. Now, how these things become possible? Well, it’s all because of the active ingredients Fitshape contains. Let’s know them!

What it contains


L-Carnitine offers both weight and health benefits. It will help you gain more energy while fighting degenerative diseases from taking place. Its benefits include:

L-Carnitine will help boost your energy. It will convert body fats into fuel and raise the enzymes required to digest starches, sugar and carbohydrates. It is also beneficial in reducing the build-up of lactic acid which is the reason why athletes and exercisers felt burns inside their muscles.
It supports in developing glycogen which is used in storing essential glucose and in clearing ammonia from the bloodstream.
L-Carnitine is also proven to help in treating attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, angina, intermittent claudication, heart attacks and congestive heart failure.
It can also prevent deterioration of muscles and fights degenerative diseases such as AIDs and cancer.
L-carnitine will make up for low thyroid function in order to overcome the tendency of weight gain and low energy.
People who undergo dialysis are prone to reduce their amino acids that will eventually trigger weak and tired condition cause by high triglycerides. In such situation, L-Carnitine can be very beneficial.
Green Tea Extract

Fitshape also contains green tea extract. It is rich in bioflavonoid and can help fight free radicals in your body. It is rich in EGCG, an antioxidant, which is proven to be 200 times more powerful than vitamin E in preventing pro-oxidants and free radicals. Green tea extract also contains high levels of polyphenols (a bioflavonoid).

Green tea extract is reported as the second most well-known beverage in the world because of its health benefits which include improving immune system, lowering cholesterol and preventing tooth decay and cavities.

Final thoughts

All these powerful ingredients are found in Fitshape thus making it a beneficial and powerful supplement. No matter how busy you are, you can still maintain a healthy and fitter body with the help of Fitshape.

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