Royale Riqall

Enhance your memory and mental alertness with Royale Riqall. It contains natural herbal and health supplements that improves brain function and provide multiple health benefits.

Amount: 30 capsules/bottle

Memory loss and mental incapacity are two of the worries by most people. This is for the reason that many things are being compromised when you have these problems. For one, you tend to lose your focus on work and activities that requires mental alertness that may lead to subpar performances. With this, it is essential to keep your mind and body alert all the time. How can this be possible?

Royale Riqall is a capsule made from herbs that is known in improving memory and mental alertness. Individuals who are suffering from memory loss and mental incapacity should be taking advantage of the great benefits this supplement can provide.

What it contains

The compounds found in Riqall makes it one of the most powerful and effective memory and mental alertness supplement. So, what are these active ingredients?


This is known as a brain tonic and antioxidant that can protect the brain. Bacopa is an herb that improves mental alertness and sharpens short and long term memory. It is also known in enhancing one’s concentration, intellect, mental clarity and activity and memory retention. Moreover, several studies prove that Bacopa is essential in improving academic and learning performance. Its other benefits include:

Promotes relaxation and calms the mind
Reduces stress, depression, anxiety, tension and restlessness
Improves articulation and corrects speech defects
Protects people from convulsions
Decreases senility and reverses brain aging
Helps treat brain related diseases, insanity, mental retardation, insomnia, hypertension, epilepsy, asthma, lung problems and ulcer

This is very beneficial in keeping your body healthy and maintaining mental endurance. Ginseng is reported to increase physical strength, improve energy and boost the immune system thus preventing flu, colds and other diseases. It is also helpful in suppressing appetite and improving cognitive and memory abilities. Ginseng is also good in helping your body adjust to stressful conditions.

Ginkgo Biloba

Riqall also contains ginkgo biloba that is proven to help in treating cerebral vascular insufficiency, headaches, vertigo, asthma, tinnitus, ischemia and migraine. It can also improve brain function and mental performances. Studies also revealed that ginkgo biloba prevents the occurrence of Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases, Peripheral vascular diseases, memory loss, senility and numbness.


This is another compound that makes Raqill very safe and effective. Taurine is known to regulate
Health Benefits myelin sheath of nerve cells or neurons (cells that send instigate and transmit nerve impulses) to quicken the propagation of impulses. It can also enhance mood and learning abilities by hindering lead-induced impairment.


This is commonly used in fighting free radicals that can damage body cells and organs. Green tea can help block cancer-promoting actions of ultra-violet light, carcinogen and metastasis. But it can also support memory and mental alertness.

Final thoughts

Riqall is truly beneficial in keeping your memory and mental ability. With this supplement by your side, you no longer need to worry of mental incapacity that has taken a toll in many people’s lives.

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