Royale L-Gluta Power Whitening Cream


Lighten and moisturize your skin with the power of time tested lightening ingredients, antioxidants and UV absorbers. L-Gluta Power Whitening Cream provides all around protection against factors that cause dark spots and uneven skin tone.

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L-Gluta Power Whitening Cream has a combination of proven and tested whitening ingredient, strong antioxidant and UV absorbers. It offers all around defense against harmful effects that cause uneven skin, dark spots and other skin problems. It was not formulated to only lighten the skin but also to make it healthier and moisturized as well.

What it contains

L-Gluta Power Whitening Cream will not be effective without the useful ingredients it contains. Read on!

Melawhite. L-Gluta Power Whitening Cream contains melawhite that is known to reduce skin blemishes cause by the process of aging and the sun. Melawhite can lessen pigmentation of the skin, increase elasticity and improve its firmness and helps prevent inflammation and irritation brought by excessive exposure from the sun and pollution.
Glutathione. This is an anti-aging amino acid and antioxidant that provides various benefits. Glutathione is a tripeptide that contains three essential nutrients such as glycine, cysteine and glutamic. It is beneficial in detoxifying, rejuvenating, maintaining and protecting all body cells. It can also delay the process of aging thus helping its users to look and feel younger. Moreover, glutathione has whitening effects. It can reduce blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, acne and other skin problems.
Its benefits

Royale L-Glutathione Power Whitening Cream offers various benefits. When you use it, you can immediately feel its good and rejuvenating effect. What are these benefits then?

Visibly lighter and whiter skin
Lessens dark spots and marks
Improves skin condition and whiten it on the process
Moisturize and nourish skin
Gives clear and even toned skin
Refines skin pores
Treats and prevents further skin damage cause by pollution, sun exposure and irritation
Skin feels even more relax and smoother

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